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Hi there, I am Yanquan (a.k.a. Iris), the growing UX & Interaction Designer.
5 things about me:

1. I have a Master degree in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Yep, that’s a perfect combination of business and technology. It’s all about digital transformation and designing the right services to work in the digital era. I also did all my electives through CMU’s world renowned HCI institute and School of Design (lots of “4.0”s). This business+tech+design background has always strongly complimented my work as a designer as I unify HCI, IxD, system & service design, information architecture, and aesthetics to bring product design values in my work.

2. I have a natural attachment to information management. This was a M.S. degree I pursued from University of Washington. I grounded myself there with top-notch trainings in information architecture, taxonomy, and browsing logics, which is all about making the information findable & intuitive for people.

3. I was an entrepreneur back in 2010 as an undergrad and founded my own eCommerce business of a digital “nutritionist” & online food delivery service. We made the first profit in a month, and also won the provincial champion and national 3rd prize for a nation-wide eCommerce innovation contest. This ignites my enthusiasm designing for digital products and services. Besides startups, I also worked at IT giants. Amazon.com is one of them – I interned and then returned as full-time UX Designer to make design impacts to retail hardlines products’ online shopping experience and drive innovations to new areas.

4. I played the piano (the classic style) for 20+ years since I was 5. I am also a dancer in Chinese classic style since I was 6. Music and rhythms always cheer me up.

5. I grew up in Hunan province, China. It has China’s second largest lake, and pools a river called “Xiang” that runs through my home city – I remember sitting beside the river and learned my first Chinese ink and water painting lesson from the seniors. I just love to muddle and try new things.



This includes research and model the concept. I learn about rules and push against limits to innovate.


I design & prototype in this phase. Wireframing to communicate, so that the design can be tested and analyzed. To try out ideas, I like sketching and whiteboards a lot.


Iterative process makes my design smarter. Also, bringing testing early in the design cycle makes the design more usable, useful and user-friendly.


Reimagine Twitch Chat Multi-year design initiatives
Alexa Smart Home Design for clarity and inspirations
Live Chat Reactions Design the multiplayer entertainment
Amazon Wedding Registry Redesign Full redesign to delight customers
Mirage: Intelligent Music Festival Augmented reality & crowd co-creating
Mobile-First in Amazon Retail Multi-area innovations for product shopping
Smart & Effective Moderation UX Tooling system, design for ML and AI
Alee: Sharing Driveways Mobile App Reinventing mobile social service
Neometric Location Insight Data analytics service for growing businesses
Nifty: Directed Fashion Discovery Leverage garment finding behavior, for better
Care Calendar Help bridging volunteer services
Mobile Wedding Registry, and More Amazon internship projects
Self Portrait of Social Media Usage Infographic to visualize self-tracked data
Gallery System for School of Design Responsive rich media systems
Interaction Techniques Gallery Infographics & educational website


Design & HCI
Wireframing, UX & UI Visual Design
Concept Design, Invent & Simplify
Research & Analysis
Back-End & MVC
Data Analysis
Product Management
Innovation with Product Team
eCommerce & Product Ownership
Business, Finance & Marketing Staff

I am always thinking of how to make life in the information era easier. Maybe less choices, the better?


I’ve played piano for more than 15 years. Viewing things in the flow of rhythm, I learned that all the beautiful perceptions in life are “experiences”, they share something in common as human nature.

Experience Whisperer

The curiosity and passion in distill complex problems lead me to be excited crafting amazing experiences with respect to human inner richness.


A team player as well as a person who is motivated, obsess over details, and able to build up what I designed using cool technologies.


I am currently settled for my first designer job with the earth’s most customer-centric company.

If you have good opportunities or projects you would like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Yanquan Chen
(206) 495 – 2727

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